As Janet and I are packing up our metro Nashville house in preparation for our move from Nashville to Tulsa, we are also preparing emotionally for the next chapter of our life and ministry. Moving evokes in us both grief and joy simultaneously…grief over who and what we are leaving behind, as well as joy over who and what lies before us. 

Change is hard

Healthy grief follows the many good-byes we say to our friends, church, ministry in our metro Nashville home. Whenever we love people deeply, leaving them will be hard. Thank God for that pain. 

We will also miss the deer that call our backyard home. Whenever we walk out, they walk up. Every. Single. Day. My mentor Tony Weston encouraged me to thank God for the five years we have lived in this paradise instead of grieving the loss of it. It took me a few days (or weeks), but I eventually listened to him. 

Change is inevitable

Pastors will enjoy their ministry if they serve their church as if it will be their last one. If you are able, buy your home and allow your roots to set into that church and community. When God calls you to leave, (and He will because every pastor is an interim), Jesus will prepare your heart, as well as your family and members. 

Change is a blessing

Either I do not like change as much as I used to, or I don’t like it as much as I thought I did, so I’m writing this post mostly for me. I need to remind myself of how faithful God has been to me. In the midst of this move, I’m also seeing my blessings as opportunities to glorify God and bless others.  

The Lord said to Abram: Go out from your land..I will bless you..and you will be a blessing.  Genesis 12:1-2

This week, take time to thank God for both your past and future blessings.