There are two pressing questions on the minds of pastors and church leaders today: When should we reopen? How can we reopen safely?

This week the Oklahoma Baptist team I am honored to serve with curated several ideas from pastors in live meetings of 10 or less, as well as Zoom meetings hosted by our associational partners. These ideas came from pastors, for pastors, to help us shepherd our people safely back together.

General Ministry Encouragements

  • Reopening should be viewed as an ongoing process rather than a one-time event.
  • Communicate often, and through several channels, even when there is not much to share.
  • Although you are permitted to open on May 1, decisions about reopening should be based on your local congregation’s context.
  • Decisions should be made in conjunction with key church leaders and additional members who can give valuable insight to the decision.
  • Decisions should be consistent with federal, state and local government guidelines (In areas where local authorities have not made a statement, consider seeking input from your area).

Key Considerations Prior to the First Gathering

1. Consider measures to protect the church family.

  • Do we have adequate amounts of hand sanitizer and dispensers?
  • Have we adequately cleansed and sanitized the entire facilities?
  • Will we require and/or make facemasks available?
  • Have we identified all the necessary health guidelines for all in attendance?
  • Example questions for attendees:
  • Have you been in an area outside our state or contiguous states in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days?
  • Have you had a fever, shortness of breath or been ill in the last 14 days?
  • Are you a member of the vulnerable or high-risk population?

2. Consider how the gathering space should be arranged to provide for social distancing.

3. Consider continuing online services for those who are uncertain or unable to attend.

4. Consider conducting worship service in an alternative venue (e.g. drive-in church, outdoor lawn church).

5. Consider rotation of members in live services by alphabet using last names (last names beginning with A-I, J-Q, R-Z) based on the number of services you provide to allow for social distancing.

6. Consider the goal of the first regathering of the church family:

Is the goal just to get back together in the church? (This goal allows gathering in Phases 1-3).

Is the goal to celebrate the gathering of the church? (This goal may postpone gathering until a larger group can gather and social distancing restrictions are lessened, thus allowing for a large “Welcome Back” type service)

7. What other groups will be allowed to gather and what guidelines will they need to adhere to?

Key Considerations for Your First Gathering

  • When gathering, consideration should be given to how you will limit handouts (e.g. announcements, hymnals, orders of service, and other bulletin information).
  • Maintaining social distance and sanitation requirements with the presence of young children in the worship service.
  • Plan how you will clean common areas between services.
  • Display signage that would discourage hand shaking, and/or other greetings that require physical touch.
  • Identify which doors can remain propped open in order to limit the number of people touching the handles.
  • When worshiping, consideration should be given to the benefits and health concerns of the congregation concerning expressions of worship (For example, “should we sing or not?” “how do we take the offering?” and “how do we conduct the invitation?”).
  • How you will arrange the meeting area so that the six foot social distancing can take place (For example, possibly ushering people to appropriate seats).
  • When dismissing, consideration should be given to possibly staggering the dismissal so that there is not the creation of an unintentional crowding the social distancing space of individuals.
  • What gathering in large group signals to other groups in the church (For example, questions like, “should youth group start back?” and “should small groups begin meeting together?” will arise quickly after your first service).

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