Nobody has a perfect life, so there will always be something legitimate for us to complain about. Inspired by the Pilgrims, we set aside a day to thank God for the blessings in our lives – so I’ll prime the pump for you with this brief post about what I am most thankful for.


Nobody has loved me more than Jesus. He is my first love and I aspire to never let anyone take His top spot. My salvation is completely undeserved, but hopefully it will never go unappreciated.


Janet has been my beautiful bride for three decades has never wavered in her growing love for me and support for my ministry. Serving ministry couples together has been extremely fulfilling for us these last few years at LifeWay.

Our children, both of our parents, and my sister’s family will be coming to our Nashville home today from Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. I realize that not everyone who reads this post is going to have that experience for various reasons. If your children and parents are gathering together for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, make sure you thank God for that big blessing. Enjoy the fun parts and endure the rest, but don’t miss the opportunity to bless those who love you most.


I have a lot of casual and close friends, so I won’t start naming them because they know who they are. I will name them in my prayers today because they are on my personal prayer list. Some of my closest friends are from my home church in Tyler, Texas. Others are from college or LifeWay. Most of my friendships have been accumulated in the four churches I have been privileged to serve as pastor. Some pastors are afraid of getting close to their members, but my fear of isolation trumps that concern.

Thank you God for all of the people you have put into my life!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends!