I often hear people say, “You sure travel a lot.”  I’m also asked, “Do you still like your job?”

My life and schedule are full, but more importantly, very fulfilling. Thank you for standing with us in prayer as we serve pastors, spouses, and seminarians – and now a new church. Here is a brief update on our life and ministry.


I love that Janet serves alongside me on about half of my trips around the U.S. and Canada. Janet and I serve ministry couples at Pastor Date Nights, marriage retreats, and conferences, which is fun for both of us. In 2017 she will minister to over 1400 pastors’ wives in 18 cities.

Our daughter Holly and her husband Brandon just moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Brandon got a nice job at a bank. Our son Brad is tackling college one semester at a time and will be returning to the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas, this fall.


There are about 50k Southern Baptist pastors and an additional 350,000 non-SBC pastors in North America. I obviously have no way of pastoring that many pastors, of course, but I sure love trying! Every pastor needs a pastor, and I genuinely enjoy encouraging pastors in person, on stage, and online. I also love working alongside other pastor advocate/partners in associations, conventions, and seminaries.


I fell in love with LifeWay Christian Resources when I was a trustee and now as an employee. LifeWay loves the Church and pastors, so it is no surprise how much support I have received these last 31 months from my LifeWay peeps. It has been so much fun seeing LifeWay recruit and develop young, focused leaders – which is why I am so optimistic about its future.


This month I started my first interim pastorate at First Baptist Church, Mt Juliet, Tennessee. This fine church is only 9 miles from our house if I could borrow Batman’s boat or helicopter to get there. The Wayne Foundation has not returned my calls at this point, so I’ll keep driving my Jeep the 36 miles to the other side of Old Hickory Lake each Sunday to preach on Sunday mornings. I really like the FBC folks and enjoy serving them in their season between pastors.


In March, a book of funeral sermons I co-authored with my childhood pastor Paul Powell was published weeks after his death. Of Dr. Powell’s 50+ books, this was the only book he co-authored. I very much enjoyed working on this legacy project with Paul.

Yesterday I completed a rough manuscript of my first solo book. I don’t yet have a title or estimated release date, but its purpose is to help church leaders pursue a healthy Great Commandment life and ministry.

I also enjoy writing blog posts each week like this one for markdance.net and LifeWayPastors.com. Additionally, I serve as executive editor for Deacon Magazine, and just released 35 brand new deacon training videos on Ministry Grid. I see the pastor’s spouse and deacons as a type of Aaron and Hur for the pastor, which is why I enjoy serving them as they hold up his arms for ministry.

Thank you again for taking interest in our life and ministry. Your prayers and encouragement mean more to Janet and me than you will ever know.

Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us; establish for us the work of our hands!  (Psalms 90:17)