My childhood pastor Paul W. Powell, was a great pastor and communicator. His successor at Green Acres, Dr. David Dykes has created the online Paul Powell Legacy Library to ensure that this treasure of insights was not lost.

The online Library contains a growing number of sermons, books, and devotionals authored by Paul, as well as audio and video options. As a subscriber, you’ll be among the first to know when we add more content to the Library!

The purpose of the online Library is to provide pastors, students, ministers and believers with FREE, permanent access to the biblical insights, ministry principles and truths about everyday Christian living learned over his lifetime.

This library opened this month with a portion of the total collection, as hundreds more items continue to be uploaded to the site by the end of the year. My hope is that people will read, post, forward, and share these insights with others. You may also want to follow the Facebook page.

My parents, Dr. Ken and Bobbie Dance, have been faithful members of Green Acres Baptist Church since 1970. They have stood beside and behind both of their pastors to this day. I hope you will enjoy these daily devotionals from Paul, as well as all of his books and sermons as they get uploaded.

God bless you pastor David Dykes for showing us all what “double honor” looks like.