Behind every decent pastor is an incredible pastor’s wife.

Here are four of those women who have inspired me personally, plus a handful of others at the end of this post. I’m really curious as to who has inspired you personally.

Shea Turner

One of the best tributes I have ever heard came from Pastor Tim Turner at his wife’s funeral last June.

Tim said, “Cancer visited Shea four times in six years and she never asked, ‘why me?’ ” Tim went on to explain how Shea served enthusiastically during her remissions in VBS and her small group at their Lexington church home.

Shea lived and died with courage and class.

Cathy Powell

I was fortunate to have the same pastor’s wife during my entire childhood. Like my wife Janet, Cathy is a card-carrying, straight-shooting introvert. Cathy was the first lady of a mega-church who carried herself with a lot of class but without an ounce of pretense. Last Saturday Cathy and my mother were out visiting eight other widows, even though Cathy has only been one herself for three months.

Most of what pastors’ wives do for their husbands and churches will never be fully known or appreciated.

Joyce Kendrick

Joyce is Janet’s mother and super (role) model. Janet’s healthy convictions took root early by watching her mother consistently support her dad in their home and church. Joyce sees submission as a sign of strength, and has a way of seeing something positive in almost every situation.

Plus, she bakes apple pies for me!

Janet Dance

I saved my favorite pastor’s wife for last. As I write this post, Janet is sitting eight rows behind me on a three and a half hour flight because we missed our last flight by five minutes. We barely caught this flight on standby and she has not complained at all, which is normal for her.

I love that about her!

I also appreciate Janet for traveling throughout North America with me to encourage other pastors’ wives in pastor date nights, ministry marriage retreats, and conferences. She will speak to about 1400 in 2017. On top of that, Janet is an unpaid volunteer at all of the LifeWay date nights we host.

Janet is a Proverbs 31 woman: virtuous, smart, funny, frugal, industrious and flat out gorgeous! Okay, I veered off a bit at the end, but I don’t care because like Elf, “I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”

I don’t think there are any secrets or shortcuts to becoming a Proverbs 31 pastor’s wife. They simply prioritize their faith and family above all others, including themselves.

Take a moment to thank God for your pastor’s wife, then take two more to send them an encouraing note. I assure you it will make their day.

Other pastors’ wives who have inspired and blessed me personally over the years are Judy Weston, Vonette Bright, Martha Ravenhill, Kandi Gallaty, Jeanne Davis, Jeana Floyd, Diane Nix, Judy Carlile, Kathy Litton, and Janet Hunt.

Who has inspired and blessed you? Please leave your tribute in the comments section or other social media channels.